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GGurls WEB ZetaBanx  5413 2Really like this set of Zeta. Just love those breast and the ass on this slim-thick chick. 

Instagram: @iamzetabanx
Photographer: @j_da_photog





WEB ZetaBanx  5413WEB ZetaBanx  5453WEB ZetaBanx  5493

The good stuff...

Dec 06, 2014

New Dawn Lashell

in Latest
Got new pictures of Dawn Lashell and they're just as nice as the last ones. I was waiting to post her again and it looks like I got my wish. Read More...
Apr 09, 2015

Asha Monet

in Latest
Asha Monet wants to be a GGurl and these are the pictures she sent in to convince me. What do you think? Fuck that, the answer is yes, lol. She's bad and you know it. Read More...
Aug 23, 2016

Jenna Charlette

in Latest
Actually discovered Jenna from a link on Tumblr. Don't ask me why I was on Tumblr, I just was. It took me to Instagram and I saw these pictures of Skyn Magazine's account. I thought she was… Read More...