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U1088 Px120 3808I said, "I want to shoot you naked with those heels on. I'll even put tape on your nipples. " Zeta's Response, "Let's Do it. !!!" ... And that's how we got here.

IG: @ZetaBanx      Photographer: @inergeestudios





WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3804WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3808WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3829WEB ZetaBanx Nude 3851

The good stuff...

Feb 19, 2016

Slacking but it's worth…

in Latest
Updating a tad bit.. Just put up 3 (or four) new girls\, not sure loll (I'm drunk), but I'm doing a little when I get the chance. I have something new that is requiring a LOT of my… Read More...
Feb 11, 2014

Asian Fat Booty Bounce

in Video
You're starting to see more and more big booty Asian girls ain't cha? Those stupid little jokes about Asian girls having no booty are starting to make no sense over here in the United… Read More...
Sep 18, 2014

Khloe The Komeup Gets…

in Video
Oh. My. Damn. Our prayers have been answered! Khloe the Komeup strips down and actually shows her naked booty before getting into the water! She's already sexy as fuck with her clothes on,… Read More...