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Who's hotter? You decide!

Yvette  Urena0 Fan favortie. Yvette Urena was a hit with her previous pictures and we're sure these will be a hit too. Damn is she sexy!

Twitter: @YvetteUrena

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The good stuff...

Oct 18, 2017

Mag Updates Happening

in Latest
Going to make some kind of campaign out of this and bring some new fans in. But I'll be updating big time with the previous magazines. Read More...
Sep 06, 2016

Yiminx: Two Hot Videos

Every now and again, a girl comes along that I REALLY like, like for real. Looking at Yiminx for the first time, I knew she was one of those types. A Mrs. GGurls type that I want to make… Read More...
Apr 21, 2018

La Love The Boss - Video

in Video
La Love The Boss blew up in the last two years right in front of our eyes. She has a staggering 1.8 million Instagram followers as of this writing on 4/20/18. She did it by constantly being… Read More...