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Her official title is 'Mexican television presenter" but what she does is give the weather so that should make her the Weather girl? Either way Yanet Garcia has a body that's perfect for whatever with an emphasis placed on her booty. It's funny how different cultures work.

In Mexico she's applauded and encouraged to show off her body as she wears tight fitting clothing at work and has a Facebook page that she basically only wears bikinis on. In America that wouldn't fly. I don't know why. In America we are too uptight about the female body and nudity. It's fucking natural people. Check out these 13 hot rare pictures of Yanet Garcia.

Yanet Garcia Yanet Garcia1 Yanet Garcia2 Yanet Garcia3 Yanet Garcia4 Yanet Garcia5 Yanet Garcia6 Yanet Garcia7 Yanet Garcia8 Yanet Garcia9 Yanet Garcia10 Yanet Garcia11 Yanet Garcia12

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