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It's been an ongoing debate on this site for a minute now. Sometimes when I post girls who are topless but their nipples are censored, a lot of viewers get pissed. At first, I would get mad at them, but then after thinking about it I started to agree with them. Think, why take a topless picture just to have the nipple censored. What's the point?

I've tried to explain to some of our viewers that it's not the fault of myself or the photographer. One guy had great animosity towards Alcole Studios, even after I told him he does it at the behest of the model. Yes, a lot of girls take pictures and then request for them to be censored. As a photographer myself I know this to be true. You'll have girls take completely nude photos, dancing and twerking and showing everything while you're shooting. They won't even bother to cover up. As soon as you show them the pictures they immediately request for you to censor them. When you ask "Why did you go naked then..?" They never seem to know why. I always took it as if they like the photographer and wanted to get naked for him/her and forgot the pics would be public. In some cases I guess a form of sobriety comes after being high on fun at a photo shoot.

I say all that to say this. SHOW YOUR NIPPLES lol. It's 2018 and it's really not that big of a deal. Lots of women show them on here and I never see them get ridiculed or called anything. There is nothing wrong with showing your nipples, they're beautiful and should be seen. It's art and the female human body is the most beautiful thing ever.

 Lialeigh Jannuary Tekesia S

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