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Welp... Honestly? It's like this. I spent/spend a lot of time of social media to help boost GGurls up. That's how you do it nowadays. I have a knack for getting a lot of attention and followers

The latest social media network to blow up is (and hopefully was) Instagram. I spent a LOT of time on it and accumulated a whopping half a million followers. But this is not what I'm about to talk about in here right now. If you want to know what happened then check out this article: Is Instagram Racist, Of Course They Are. It'll explain it in detail with what I believe is proof.

Most loyal GGurl Wild B

Long story short. I got too caught up with Instagram that when my page was deleted I lost a lot of drive and really slacked off. To my surprise however, I was still getting hit up a lot through email, Facebook and my other IG page. In some ways even more so. So my motivation didn't completely die. Also, even before getting deleted, I lost a lot of interest due to a severe case of been there and done that syndrome. Although this makes money, I wasn't keeping it up to it's full potential, so I burned out.

GGurl Diamond Symone

Sooo here's what's next for GGurls, I'm going to get GGurlsTV back to running and start my own app like I did before. The last one was working but the developer sucked. I know how to fix that. Funny thing is, this may be the push I needed to do what I should have been doing in the first place. Getting my ass off social media and making my own shit the shit. If the original GGurlsTV is any indication, I'm guaranteed a smash hit... Just wait until you see it this time. It'll be a little minute but it's coming...

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