Whatever Happened To: Jossie The Rican Bombshell

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ggurls like you've never seen them before

What's in it for these girls you ask? They take sexy pictures, for social networks and to get on sites like GGurls and then what happens? For most of these sexy vixens, they are hoping to score big. Rather it be by branding themselves and making their own income like a Bundle of Brittany.

Or they even hope to land a ball player and settle down. You might be surprise how many girls used us to get ball players. I could tell so many stories about famous athletes I talked to that were interested in the girls featured her.

For every one girl with a million followers on Instagram, there are a probably tens of thousands who don't have it like that. Some meet with just a modicum of success and get bored. Then eventually dissapear. A lot of times they find a love life and vanish too.

But what happened to Jossie the Rican Bombshell? I used to talk to her over the phone all the time. We would laugh and kick it about all kinds of stuff and I would plaster her all over here and our social networks. After awhile, it began to fade, until one day: nothing. I know she was married but she did all this stuff while being hitched, so that wasn't it. She just fell off the face of the Earth. Our mutual friend and fellow GGurl Rejhina doesn't know either. They lived in the same town.

Damn, I would really like to know how she's doing. She was cool peeps and killed almost every other girl in the industry. Don't believe me? Scroll down. She loved to be naked, and to top it all off she had a super thick Spanish accent that made her even hotter.

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