What Happened to The Tour?

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ggurls like you've never seen them before

   Rough spot. Let me start off by going about 8 years back. I started GGurls off by myself building it to a very popular thing you see today. I always say I had no idea it would get this big. I've made lots of acquaintances, friends and even enemies. I treat GGurls like my baby, I'm very careful who I let in because people are basically fucked up with foul intentions. However sometimes in life you have to take a chance, especially if you want to become successful, you just have to take a risk, there is no easy way about it. I took a risk, with my baby I've been building for 8 years with a person whose intentions are now questionable. 


  Fast forward. About a year ago, I was hit up on Instagram from a guy name "Real" Jay Hollywood. He asked me could he do a tour using GGurls. He went on and on telling me his previous experience with tours and how he's a signed artist with RuffHouse Records. I paid it no attention. Several months later he hit me up again. I paid it no attention. Again, months later, he contacted me. I became curious and started researching the guy. I found out he was a signed artist in a Pop group called "Team Retro". It's actually on the official Ruff House Records site: here. I also have his identification card information including pictures of it. Some people are claiming that the guy is a fraud, I hope I'm not being stupid but I sense that he's actually someone who really tried to do what he said he'd do and bit off way more than he can chew. Despite my warnings of how this industry works, he didn't heed them and found himself in hot water fast, while using the GGurls name. Read on.

the darkskin guy in the group is Jay Hollywood


 After deciding to take a chance to expand GGurls and giving Jay the go ahead for the tour, he quickly began to work. He rounded up girls, most who were not even GGurls, which I shouldn't have let happen, but atlas I'm always too busy. One of the things I told him was, I can't have any extra work load place upon me as I'm always super duper busy. To my surprise, he was successfully putting the tour together by first making two teams of girls, a west coast and east coast team, and then reaching out to clubs to have them booked. The name GGurls sold itself. He had bookings in Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York. Atlanta and Miami were in the works.  

 As with anything I do with GGurls, I worry. After seeing it moving very quickly I became scared that it wouldn't go right, risking reputation and money. I began to become more involved and had GGurls Director, Tanisha (@theMsWhite) become more involved. Tanisha has a tendency to question everything rather you like it or not. Something that I should have listened to. She basically told Jay he was too unorganized and basically she was right. The problem I saw was it was already out and now people were looking at us so we had to at least have a couple of events. Tanisha also told me that Jay had once hit on her via a social network in the past. I didn't think nothing of that, until two more girls told me the same thing, Eliza and Janet Lissette who were both on the tour. Still it didn't bother me because let's be honest, men hit on women all the time, and one of the perks of being in this business is being around very beautiful women, right? So I asked Jay. What was his purpose for doing this. Was it sex or money? Or both? He said it was to show people that he could do it, which absolutely baffled the entire fuck outta me. I told him to be honest and even came at him on some pure truth. I told him I do it for money and to be around sexy ass women. He still told me it was about "proving people wrong".  Fuck it, I figured he was just weird. 

Detroit was first. As it should have been, after all it's my stomping grounds.  This is when I first met Jay and several girls who were on the tour. My first impression on Jay was he was indeed unorganized. You see, my job for that day was to meet everyone at my studio around 3 o'clock, take some pictures and then Jay would take them to the hotel room and later to club Jaguar. Instead, I received a call at 10 o'clock in the morning from Jay saying "hey Janet (Lisette) is at the airport and she needs you to pick her up". Huh? Nobody told me this. Jay was suppose to have taken care of this. Well I couldn't leave Janet at the airport, so I immediately hopped up and got her. Which means I'm now tired as fuck. Janet and I hit it off immediately, considering via Twitter we've known each other for years. She's a fun and lively person (with a nice round booty I might add lol). Janet told me some stuff about Jay during the car ride. She said, he hit on her which she didn't like, and that he struck her as weird also.  She said the only reason she was doing this was because GGurls was involved. I went and bought Janet a little outfit at a boutique just to try and smooth things over a little bit. 

   Janet and I arrived at the studio and later the rest of the girls on the tour came through. Trouble, Maria, Ebony, Gabby Skye, some cute girl name Jasmine who came with Ebony I believe and one girl didn't show. Jay was still on his way. After lots of drinks and smoke and snapshots, Jay finally shows up, and you know how you do the man thing when you meet another guy? Like the firm hand shake or hard dap? Well Jay was VERY standoffish and nervous as fuck. He was literally shaking. I know sometimes I can be a mean asshole but I didn't portray any of this that day, I think it may have been because of the environment of me with a couple of my boys and some girls he never met all in downtown Detroit. Had to be.  

   Jay comes in, and after we talked for a few minutes he tells the girls, angrily, "let's go", he had to get their hotel room, or take them to it or something. They all leave and the photo shoot fun is over (my shoots are always fun! it's like a big party). Next is Club Jaguar. More of my boys meet up with me at the studio and we all got pretty wasted. We then head to Club Jaguar after stopping at the liquor store for more drinks. I think we're getting there too late but actually we didn't. We get there at like 12 midnight and Jay and the girls ain't there! What the fuck? Clubs in Detroit close at 2 a.m.. Long story short. Jay gets there and NOTHING Is set up. The booth for the girls, the bottles for the girls, the girls are all hosting, and nobody has a microphone or is working the room. I blame this on Jay and not the girls. Get mad if you want, but the kind of guy I am, the man in charge tells the girls what to do. This guy just looked to... well he didn't have it in him. 

  The night actually didn't go too badly and the club got crowded within a hour and I was still pretty much satisfied. At the end of the night is when the tour went south and never came back up. I went in the back with Jay to count money, to which I didn't want a penny of. He said he came out his pocket to get it started and that was just fine with me. He told me he didn't get paid enough to cover what he told the girls he would pay them for coming out. At the hotel, Janet and Trouble stated that Jay still owed them about 100 dollars a piece. Jay promised he would pay them later and after several days he did. However I found out weeks later that he still owes Maria and Ebony money (I'm not sure, neither has told me). I figured the situation was okay and Jay assured me over and over that the next event in Houston he would make a profit. 

Nasa we got a problem.  The so called turn around in Houston at Club Onyx? Almost got this man killed. I couldn't make the event so I had people watching and reporting. Every. Single. Report. Was awful. From "the girls who represented GGurls was ugly" to "this n*gga is a wimp" to "I'm about to kill this n*gga" to "he's fucking up your name"... I was sick as fuck. Jay said the promoter he allied himself with robbed him of money from the door. He stated he was pocketing money because he wasn't able to watch him at the door. He estimated that it was around 800 dollars. Jay then told me of all the problems he now had because of this. Girls were stranded and not paid. I came out of 1,000 dollars that night and the next two days getting hotel rooms and people home. I talked to the promoter, who was a DJ at Club Onyx and his manager, who actually turned out to be two very cool people. After several talks with the DJ's manager she admitted that she owe 300 but not 800 and nobody stole anything. I believe her. Jay's track record from this incident and 3 other ones all said the same thing. When dealing with money, Jay always never has enough and it's always somebody else's fault. This event was about 2 weeks ago and almost everyday I have a new person who hits me up asking when is Jay giving me my money for showing up. Jay told me he got home because he knows the owner of all the Onyxs and he paid for his ticket. He also said he got the DJ fired because he knows the owner. 

That ain't what they said in Philly. At this point I'm pulling the plug on the whole thing. I'm in recovery and damage control mode. However Jay has another event in Philadelphia which he assures nobody is owed any money and no girl is getting paid. He said no girl has to travel to the event so he doesn't have to pay transportation. The night of the event (I'm not there of course) he tells me he cancelled the girls coming and afterwards he tells me everything goes smoothly. I don't know anybody in Philadelphia, so I have nothing to go on. No girl went to the event so everything is smooth right? WRONG. After the whole mess including the Washington DC thing happens, I get a guy on Instagram trying to get in contact with me. We exchange numbers and he calls me and tells me what really happened. He told me that Jay told them he owned GGurls and he could get his girls (the guy has a modeling group too) on World Star Hip Hop. Again. WTF?! I don't fuck with World Star. He also tells me that he's the one who paid Jay's ticket to get him home and that he was going to beat the shit outta him that night along with half the club because he didn't bring the GGurls as promised. Remember he said he cancelled it. The guy also said Jay owes him money for the plane ticket and various other things. He also informed me that Jay single handily ruined the GGurls name in Philadelphia (at least at that club). I found all this out after the next incident, which was the.... 

Trouble in DC incident. At this point I'm done, I'm telling Jay it's a wrap. I told him that before the Philly booking but he said it was already set in motion. When I told him to cancel Washington he said he already accepted money from a promoter, 1250 to be exact. He also had one of my favorite long time GGurls on the this one; Dede on the Beach, and I told him over and over again, you absolutely cannot fuck things up with Dede. Jay had the money for the event almost 3 weeks before the event was due. THE NIGHT before the event he bought Dede's ticket, a first class ticket, how he figured this was feasible to do while having to pay several other girls, including hotel room and travel I don't know. The DC event never went down as I almost had a stroke that night dealing with his incompetence. Several girls including Empress Ivory (another favorite) got in touch with me and told me of Jay's mishandling of bookings, transportation and anything else. The promoter (another guy who turned out to be cool) still tried to get the event to happen but Jay's overall fucked-upness (yes that's a word) left nothing possible. I talked to the promoter and told him how to get his money back from Jay, he said he wasn't worried about that. The next day, Dede was so mad she blasted him on her Instagram that has even more followers than mine, around 210 thousand. I warned this boy this would happen. 


The mothafuckin' conclusion I think. If anybody is feeling scammed I can understand why, but truth is, you were more the victim of incompetence. Jay actually did shell out money. He wasn't keeping it. I'm not making excuses for him, trust me I'm not. He just didn't know what he was doing. My main concern was to make sure any girls were not stranded and I took care of that. For anyone who is owed money for transportation, the money the manager of the promoter in Houston is giving me I'm giving to you. You see, even though I know it's not me who did anything to anybody, I feel somewhat responsible for this because my name is on it.  I know I can't control the actions of anyone and no amount of research can tell you about an individual until you actually know them. Its very sad that you try to give your black people a chance and a guy like Jay emerges and fucks shit up royally. I'm one of those pro-black people who love to see us get ahead. This really bothers me in more ways than one. 

  I don't want to do it, but more than likely I'll have to take Jay to court if he doesn't give this man back his money or pay these girls for at least their transportation. If it goes to that, more than likely we all have to take it as a loss. A loss in which I lose the most. Believe this or not, He has been keeping in touch with me almost every single day. He's upset and concerned about his name and how he was bashed. You see Jay is young and not to put him down, he's a chronic liar that believes his own lies. Even if you agree with me or not about him being a scam artist, it still doesn't change the bottom line, he fucked shit up big time. 

Something good came out of all this. I had no idea (well yeah I did) that the GGurl name was this strong. Every single person Jay fucked over, and I mean the promoters and managers? Want to continue the GGurls tour. Ain't that something? I have 5 people giving me proposals on how to do it correctly, and I might just keep it going. It's a good idea, and I already know some lames are looking to copy it. Watch. Watch somebody else come out with a tour really soon. Also all the girls who were involved (I think all) still want to do it. That's crazy! That's when you know your brand is the shit. Even after some shit, the name still shines. 


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