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Carrie Out



So you want to be featured huh?

Updated 11-2-11

Due to the high volume of submissions the criteria to become a GGurl has increased!

Your pictures MUST be hot.

Try to submit theme based shoots, picture sets from the same photoshoot (not a must but a plus)

ABSOLUTELY NO other website water markings or logos, Photographer logos are of course okay, if the logo or watermark is of the photographer's website then it's okay.

Submit high quality pictures, pixelated and/or thumb nail pictures will NOT be accepted.

The more professional your pictures look the better chance you have of being featured. Your hair, makeup and wardrobe should be up to par. No longer will we accept pictures based strictly on your body. Your hair matters! 

Poorly photoshopped pictures WILL NOT be accepted. By poor we mean pictures that look distorted because of the airbrushing, liquifying etc. We understand that Photoshop is part of the game but it should still look great. 

You MUST give credit to your photographers, in your email state the photographer(s) name and/or company.


Well make sure....

You are a female

You have professional photos

You're hot! (You know if you are or not) Click for examples of "not a GGurl" lol

You have at least 4 good photos (professional pictures) THIS IS A MUST


No longer a requirement submit your pics through the Email below but it you want you can JOIN THE SITE FIRST go here: Click here to register it's free! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER NOW
our features get thousands of hits, some models have 10's of thousands of hits, the very least you can do
is join the site first and in actuality it help you as you'll have another Google source for your name. If you have problems joining (due to the high volume of traffic) state it in the email.

It'll help if you... 

Have a website

A social networking page i.e.; Facebook, Myspace, ModelMayhem e.t.c.

Don't post XXX pics! We don't have that here! BUT sexually provocative pictures and nude breast and buttocks ARE acceptable, no vagina or anal shots are however.

If you're confident and we know you are then... 

Hit us up at our email Staff @ (no spaces)

Add your photos to the email

In the email you must give us permission to use the photos and state that you are indeed the legal owner of said pictures and state your name (model release form)


"I Tasha Smith is the legal owner of all attached photos and I give permission to use my photos for viewing on By submitting this email, I'm stating that it is indeed me in the photographs. I also state by submitting this email that I am at least 18 years of age or older"

These are the questions you'll be ask for your feature...

Where are you from?How long have you been in the game? (modeling)Single?What are your measurements?What's your favorite part of your body?Would you date a guy/girl off the internet?What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)?What turns you off?What turns you on?Favorite pair of jeans?Favorite pair of shoes?What kind of guy/girl do you like?Are you wifey material?Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site?Anything else you like to add?

What we'll do...

Give you ALOT of exposure, this is great for your website and self-esteem! ;)

Link your site, facebook, myspace or whatever

Place you temporarily on the front page

Support your future endeavors

What we won't do

Use your pictures for anything other than promoting you and GGurls

Give anybody else permission for your pictures, they'll have the GG logo on it!

So go ahead and do it let's see what you got!



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