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Nothing is better than a fine woman with a great attitude I tell ya. For some reason I took notice to Vida lately and wanted to see if she was following me on Twitter. She had GGurls blocked, and I was actually kind of baffled by why. I knew it had to be a mistake.

We never had beef. So I dm'ed her on Instagram and yep, it was just a misunderstanding. She hit me back and told me that and I told her that I always thought she was sexy (or that's what I was thinking anyway lol) and that I'll start showing her love from GGurls. If you're not following her on Instagram you need to do so. She post stuff like this all the time (and she's cool).

Instagram: @vidaguerra


This was a recent photoshoot she did and the behind the scenes pictures actually went kind of viral. In fact, that's what made me look her up. I remember now

Still the tightest nicest booty in the game

Near naked pics. You already know she has naked pics floating around the net, but I always check to see if it's ok from the model to post. If so, I'll find them and make another article.


Gonna keep my eye for new content from her to post. Shes a veteran model and still kills the newbies in the game.

The good stuff...