Vella the Vixxen

ggurls like you've never seen them before

I gotta show my boy Solomon of Stunnaz Magazine some love. Since day one, he's been down with the double G and he's not fake, to me that goes a long way. I can't stand the arrogant brash people of this industry, so real people score major points in my book.

If you never heard of Stunnaz then you're in for a treat. Stunnaz Magazine has be in print for years and have put many girls on the map. Their latest hot girl? Vella the Vixxen. Cute face, big booty, just our type right people? Now I normally don't do bios, but for Stunnaz I will. Here's what I got in the email. You'll love her.

Instagram/Twitter: @VellaTheViXXen
Photographer: @DerrickBlakely
Website: and
Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I started glamour modeling at the tender age of 18. My parents were pessimistic about my plans to become the next Urban Supermodel so I began my studies as a nurse. Graduated, but still continued to pursue my dreams to become an urban glamour model. I have worked with many talented people Like John Blassingame, But My Dreams only started coming true when I met My Mentor; The CEO of Chitowns Finest Publications & Owner/Editor of Stunnaz Magazine; Owner of "The INKED Mag", "XotiX Mag", "Tail Gunnaz Mag", AND "Angel XXXposed" (Mr Solomon Carter). Thank You to GGurls For my First MAJOR Web-Feature!! I've had published posters * 8 x 10's, flyers, and I've done Paid Work As an Event Host, I've been Called "The Human Firecracker", LOL , and I Love it!!
I would love to get into reality television and possibly venture into entrepreneurship. I have great Plans/Ideas for my own clothing, and lipstick line. I will be Featured in LOTS of Magazines this year and just want to again shout out my mentor (Solomon Carter) who believed in me and supported me and told me not to give up. I would also like to thank Mr. Carter of Chitowns Finest Publications for making my dreams come true w/ Features/Covers in Stunnaz Mag, Angels XXXposed, XotiX Mag, Tail Gunnaz Mag, AND The INKED Mag! Thank You for the opportunity, And Thank You To Derrick Blakely in Columbus, OH for these AMAZING PICS!!
One thing always sticks out in my Mind that Mr. Carter told me Once, "I Didn't make you a Star; You were always a Star!! All I did was Remove the BS, and Put you out there for the world to see". I Love Him for that... Thank You.

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