Two Versus Two

ggurls like you've never seen them before

Should actually be two versus two... Wait-a-minute... I think I'll change it to that name, from twins versus twins, to two versus two. In fact, I'll start doing more of these. Never know, it might make it more interested. In this 2 on 2 battle we have The Double Dose twins, two short curvy big booty identical twins. Versus Morroca and Bubblez, two impossibly good looking girls who pose naked.

Which team you're going with Fam? DD or M&B.

The Double Dose Twins (see more)
Ddt1 Ddt2


Morroca and Bubblez
Morroca Bubblez1 Morroca Bubblez2

Which one is your team...?

Double Dose Twins Versus Morroca and Bubblez

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