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Who's hotter? You decide!

A two shot of a chick named Justice Served I never posted before. She has a nice body, so here you go. I like how the GG logo is in the back.

I'm about to post the naked version of one of her sets.

Justicesrvd Justiceservd1

The good stuff...

Jan 03, 2015

Dasha Danielle Ambrose

in Latest
Maybe I should put this in the booty Section? I haven't updated that part in awhile. Meet Dasha Danielle. Aka Juiceey Booty by new photographer Elliot James (Elite Images). Read More...
Jan 21, 2014

Lil Kim Booty Shaking

in Video
New GGurl Lil Kim is a stripper who loves to shake her booty in a nice soft sexy way, her silly side makes her even better to watch. She has that little cute girl thing going on and she's… Read More...