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tiera kay Let's get a load of new GGurl Tiera Kay! She got a great shape with a round booty on her!

Twitter: @IAm_TieraKay

Single? yes

What are your measurements? 28 27 42 

What's your favorite part of your body? My Legs

Would you date a guy/girl off the internet? Maybe a guy or maybe a girl lol 

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry) A Few Mags Coming Soon 

What turns you off? Bad Teeth

What turns you on? Nice Smile 

Favorite pair of jeans?  true religion
Favorite pair of shoes? christian louboutin

What kind of guy/girl do you like? Soneone Sexi

Are you wifey material? I Would Think So 

Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site? Coming Soon
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