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A lot of people tell me I've come a long way with this. When it's you viewing you it's hard to see it unless you go back and look what you previously did. I remember when GGurls was about something else completely different, it wasn't even called GGurls. Anyway I ran across another site that had these pictures from years ago that I did.

Yeah, I've come along way. Never thought this would get this big, or I would have a studio and a print magazine. Wow.

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The good stuff...

Mar 22, 2018

Why Go Topless Just To…

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It's been an ongoing debate on this site for a minute now. Sometimes when I post girls who are topless but their nipples are censored, a lot of viewers get pissed. At first, I would get mad… Read More...
Apr 27, 2016

Kayla Monet - Video

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Kayla really wants to be my baby and after looking at this video (and talking to her in DMs) I think I better let her. She aims to please and I love it.  Read More...
Mar 07, 2015

Smoking Mary Jain - Booty

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Nice petite booty Smokin Mary Jain decided to show it all in this set. Actually this kind of surprised me too, didn't think she'd have the bravery to show all of her beauty like this. It's… Read More...