The Problems in Urban Modeling

ggurls like you've never seen them before

       It's starting again. Seems like a bunch of complaints about a certain photographer has sparked the ever continuing problems in the urban glamour modeling world. I'm not one to gossip about stuff like that, as I've always kept myself and GGurls out of any serious issues. I'm not naming anyone in this article or pointing fingers. I've only been told, although it tens of times, one side of the story. So it wouldn't be fair to call someone guilty of anything without any proof. However it seems that it must be told about possible problems, you, as a model, photographer or anyone else associated with this business may experience unfortunately. Therefore I'll use the popularity of this blog to get shit out there. It seems only right.


                                                                              Photographers Scamming 

    Lately I've been getting lots of emails and even phone calls from girls claiming they were duped into paying a large fee for quality pictures only to get in return a super sized ego and either one or two pictures or none at all. There has been well over 50 models who have told me this over the last two years. The solution, is actually two part. Either choose not to deal with any photographer who has this reputation or make a legally binding contract before shooting with (any) that photographer. Like stated earlier, I'm not blaming any person in particular, but if you are a model that has been duped, then you need to speak out and state your experience. Let other women know before they are taken advantage of, while the photographer is simply getting away with it. 

                                                                                 Sex and the Industry 

   You see me on Twitter. Playing games and talking shit. One of my favorite subjects on Twitter is talking about head. Yep, oral sex. I say all kinds of crazy shit, and the smart people already know what I'm doing. I'm getting your attention, so you can click on and enjoy yourself and I can make money in the process. It's a method to my madness, and it works. Now ask any girl who ever shot with me. Do I act like that in person? Nope! I've flirted and been flirted with, while shooting, it's the nature between men and women simply put. However, we all know that a lot of fucking goes on between models, photographers, website and magazine owners. 

   This is my take on it. Whatever two people decide to do and how they decide to do business is just that. Their business. Agree with me or not. But if a girl makes a deal with a photographer or brand owner to let's say have sex or give head for whatever? It's actually none of your fucking business.  I'm actually sick of people yelling out "professionalism" and yet they are the most ghetto fucking people in the world. A lot of people, especially women think being professional means having a fucking attitude. It's not. Rather you believe this or not, sex happens. It happens in the urban glamour world, at the auto industry, at the police station and even in the oval office. Bill Clinton anyone? Now I'm going to sound hypocritical but it actually further proves my point. I've never made a sexual deal with a girl for some kind of business plan, but I don't frown on people who do. If you do, it's none of my fucking business. It's your decision and your business will either fail or prosper from it. The problem is actually people talk too fucking much.

                                                                                  Models and Sextapes

    You probably saw the Elke the Stallion sex tape, and if not then I know you've seen some other model being filmed on camera having sex. Oh well, it's the world we live in. Girls are quick to call other girls "whores" or something derogatory because of this. But let's look at it like this. Most girls who have sex tapes or scandals didn't even know they were being recorded, and if they did they were probably dating the person they were fucking on camera. Who hasn't done this? Exactly. Okay, now let's look at in another light. Some girls don't care and actually do it on purpose so they can gain attention and possibly fame. Hey, once again that's their business. Funny thing is, everybody talks about the girl who does but never the guy. Also, everybody clicks the fucking link to see the sex tape too don't they? If you're so appalled about a sex scandal then don't click the fucking link. Simple.   

     After I saw Sheneka Adams giving head on tape, I immediately followed her on Twitter. Unlike most people I don't perp, I like girls who give head and it was a turn on. 

                                                                             Website and Magazine Beefs

     One of the dumbest things I see on Twitter is websites and magazines arguing with each other about anything, and to be truthful I'm guilty of this. Now in my defense, I've always been on the defensive end of the argument, but I bet the general public just saw two fools arguing. This is one of the main problems of this game, and it all boils down to over sized egos, and people who shouldn't be in the industry in the first place. No two brands can get along and to be frank, it's too many brands and not enough unity. That is the MAIN reason and I came up with, to unite all the brands so that models would have a one stop shop which means everybody wins. But of course, egos came into place and the people who think they're too good to join don't. So instead they focus on their own thing with no resources and eventually fail. If all this stupid ass bickering would stop and we would unite, you wouldn't have sites like claiming who is the top model in the urban glamour game and NOT giive credit to websites, magazines, photographers and models who started this thing. Who they have listed as the top model is not even popular. In other words, blacks started it, but as soon as it gets popular someone will come along, snatch it, and claim it as their own. If we would fucking unite, WE would control this thing. 

    On a side note, but still on subject, and no, this is not a jab at magazines, but magazines need to understand that print is a dying breed and they need to immediately partner up with popular websites like this one if they want to survive. I'm sure other websites as well as this one will be glad to help promote and help sell your magazines and media, but I already know the fucking egos of editors and they'll probably just let their company die. Very stupid. I've reached out to several magazines owners to partner up and barely even got a response. I know of a popular magazine only on the east coast that I could help make much more popular but the magazine owner acts as if he's even too good to talk back. The only two magazines out there that seem to reach out and try are ASIS and Stunnaz.  If you haven't heard, even mega giants have fell to the internet. Newsweek is no longer in print. Also heard another rumor that King magazine has just collapsed. 










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