The Levels Of Hotness For Girls And What They Really Mean

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Ladies, have you ever been called any of the following adjectives still don't quite understand what any of those are really supposed to mean when coming from the tongue of a guy? The reason is, there are very subtle, yet distinct features between being “hot,” “attractive,” “pretty,” “beautiful,” “cute,” and, finally, “sexy” girls.

That’s exactly why our writing team of “The best Tinder alternatives in 2018” has compiled a list of 6 main levels of hotness for girls that will help all the ladies out there define that grey area and tell you what each of them really means if heard from a guy.

1) Hot A hot chick in a typical guy's mind lies at the very upper end of the spectrum. “Hot” ones usually appear naturally beautiful and attractive even without putting that much effort into “upgrading” their appearance. These girlies are the envy of most other females, as they’re able to almost effortlessly catch the attention of most men when out. Hot wifeys might range from a solid 8 up to a 9 out on a 10-point scale. Technically, any dude will be just over the moon with himself if he manages to bag a real hottie.


2) Cute Cute may be the most confusing term for some girls. In this way, cute is precisely that super tiny girl with almost youthful exuberance radiating from the face of hers. Thus, if a random guy ever happens to call you cute, it is not that huge compliment. A cute chick would rather love to be taken out to cinema as well as holding hands with a boy, but that boy definitely won't be too much excited about visiting any place that is serious enough with her. In a nutshell, he's probably holding out for some better things.


3) Attractive When a man labels you as "attractive," he certainly knows that you’re pretty hot, yet does not really want to tell you how hot he really thinks you are. For example, if a dude says you’re anything more than attractive, he could be playing the risk of blowing the chance of his as you might actually think you can do way better. After all, body blows to an attractive girl’s self-confidence and a guy’s appearance makes the only possible way to woo a woman like that.

4) Beautiful Beautiful is supposed to be just the highest point on girls’ attraction scale. So, if a man proclaims the girl "beautiful," it surely goes beyond sexy, pretty, hot, or anything like that. He downright freaking loves every inch of her and is ready to do anything in order to win her over. The point is, beautiful women are also the rarest ones - the 10 out of 10, the dream ones that everyone desires.


5) Pretty Pretty girls do have quite attractive features allowing them to stand out from the crowd. That’s why they always take good care of themselves putting an enormous deal of effort into their physical appearance. Her hair is always done, nails and tan lathered on and she would never go anywhere in public not wearing makeup. A typical guy will certainly pursue a pretty girl, but when a hot or sexy female comes along, he will swiftly change his course!

6) Sexy Men are turned on by the smallest of things. So, if a gent labels a chick as "sexy," it definitely indicates that the girl might look borderline thottie but he certainly fantasizes about jumping under the sheets with her. Once again, we are just talking about physical appearance here. Just because she seems sexy to him, and he wishes to award her with the D, this fact does not anyhow mean he actually wants anything more with her after that. Sexy girls are more like a trophy lay.

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