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Clermont Twins Naked0These pictures are old, we know that. But apparently they are still in big circulation around the internet whenever you talk about the Clermount Twins of Bad Girls Club fame. They were taken by very controversial photographer Terry Richardson, who is known for taking celebrity photos of President Barrack Obama and Beyonce and many others.

He is also known for taking pictures of girls doing questionable things to him. Enough of that. Check out these pictures and tell us what you think.... These are the same girls who got naked for (the now crazy) Kanye West's clothing line.

Instagram: @clarmonttwins
Photographer: Terry Richardson

Clermont Twins Naked Clermont Twins Naked2 Clermont Twins Naked3 Clermont Twins Naked4 Clermont Twins Naked7 Clermont Twins Naked8

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