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Teanna00 Such a natural model. I love girls who are just perfect when they pose. No matter what they do it comes out right in the camera. Teanna made the camera smile, she's such a beautiful girl. We all had fun that night, me, her and Jewels, they drove all the way from Kentucky just to shoot with GGurls.

Very impressed.

Instagram: @SheIsTeanna

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The good stuff...

Feb 06, 2014

Lia Leigh - Shaking Her…

in Video
Okay, fuck it, I'm kinda sleeping on Lia Leigh, she's in the top 1% of GGurls and we need to get her out there more. I see a lot of women everyday, and I mean a LOT of women everyday,… Read More...
Nov 22, 2014

Niki Bagnerise

in Latest
Almost missed this! Pretty as girl with some nice hips! Reminds me of this girl that use to work with me that I always tried to get but couldn't. Maaaaaan. Introducing Niki Bagnerise,… Read More...
Nov 29, 2015

Merry Christmas Stormi…

in Latest
Early Merry Christmas to you from GGurl Stormi Maya and her perfect perky body. You can't ask for a much better present can you? Enjoy that booty. Read More...