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We have come a long way in America, so it's very upsetting to have gone back in time by electing (did he actually win? Russia anybody?) a very racist and incompetent president.

He and members of his administration are involved in so many scandals and shenanigans, he has the entire world laughing at us. Therefore, anything with the name 'Trump' automatically suffers a bad reputation.
Well, as usual, there is always at least one exception to the rule. There is a Trump we love. Her name is Teanna Trump. A sexy and very slutty adult actor whose Twitter stay lit. These are the safest pics I could find of her and post on here. Usually she has something in her mouth. Twitter: @teannatrump

Teanna Trump Teanna Trump1 Teanna Trump2 Teanna Trump3 Teanna Trump4 Teanna Trump5 Teanna Trump6

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