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Okaaaay. @msfourthofjuly is getting the new hashtag #teamGGurls going for all the GGurls to get more followers! Here's what you have to do (as told by @msfourthofjuly):

Rules: Every Wednesday starting 5-13-2015, we are going to start a huge group DM of girls that rep #ggurls in their bio. Everyone can pick 5 or more fellow GGurls to do shout out for shout out and each week you have to choose a different 5 girls so in the beginning the girls with similar amounts of followers will shout each other out and then by the end, even those who started with less followers should have a bigger fan base and the girls with a lot of followers won't mind doing s4s with themas much as they would if they only had like 500 followers.

Must put #TeamGGurls an @ggurls in the shout outs.

Basically get with @msfourthofjuly on Instagram and get started... COMMENT HERE if you're in! @your name


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