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Tattedlikeaboi0 This model should get some comments solely off of her name: Tatted Like a Boi. Seems a lot of you have been complaining about girls with a bunch of tattoos so we wonder how do you feel about her? She's nice looking with a nice butt.
Do the tattoos help or are they in the way?

Twitter: @CBEPhotography

Tattedlikeaboi Tattedlikeaboi1 Tattedlikeaboi2 Tattedlikeaboi3 Tattedlikeaboi4 Tattedlikeaboi5

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The good stuff...

Jun 15, 2016


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Barry B. Hit me up about these pics. Said he sent them a week ago, and now that I'm updating I get to catch up on all the hotties like Yoko. You're welcome and thanks Barry. Read More...
Aug 27, 2014

Aye Lared - Bikini

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Damn! Aye Lared is quickly becoming popular and here's why. Just look at these pictures and you'll agree she should be popular. I've probably posted Aye Lared more than any other girl in… Read More...
Jul 12, 2018

Sade Mings - Selfies

The clean up around here is so massive that even old pictures of the pretty girls are gone. If the pics were up to par for the new format then they are outta here. Unfortunately, Sade Mings… Read More...