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Tanieka Eyecandi0 Tanieka Eyecandi has the right name. Her pics are a great pleasure to see. This chick has body son! Let's see if we get her to turn around next time ;)

Twitter: @therealeyecandi by @InergeeStudios

Tanieka Eyecandi Tanieka Eyecandi1 Tanieka Eyecandi2 Tanieka Eyecandi3 Tanieka Eyecandi4

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Jan 24, 2015

Sassy The Assassin

in Latest
You're readind her name wrong, you have to put emphasis on the "ass" in Assassin, so that's read Sassy the Assassin. Get it now? Now, how much money is this, this looks well into the tens… Read More...
Dec 26, 2014


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Introducing new GGurl Ciara and new photographer Jay Goldz. Ciara is a sensual sexy ass model and Jay Goldz is a kick ass photographer. Let's hope to see more work of beautiful women very… Read More...
Jun 16, 2013

Love Headshot Naked Video

in Video
Very well done video. The girl is naked and yet it's very tastefully done. The name of the song is called "Love is like a naked headshot". Pretty catchy video and song. Read More...