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Tanae Cola0 Fucking around on Twitter (as usual) we got a tweet from Tanae Cola saying she just signed up for GGurls and wants to be accepted. Hell yeah, we accepted her after looking at her avatar. She then sent in pictures and put Team GGurls in her bio right away. This is love. Remember where you saw her first. Now everybody is going to be coming after her.

The good stuff...

Nov 04, 2014

New Stuff Coming

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Dusted off the Cannon and took a few shots the other day. I like this style of shooting with the dark background. Been trying to do this and thanks to a friend I was able to get it right.… Read More...
Apr 29, 2014

Introducing Malan Price

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Very pretty seductive looking girl here. Introducing Malan Price and her bronze body and hair. Nice, simple and sexy is the absolute best way to describe these pictures. Read More...
May 09, 2014

Yay or Nay? Taija Quiana

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Actually this is a yay, well if you leave it up to me. However I know some of you are very picky about what a GGurl is. Some of y'all defintion is better than mine lol. Does Taija Quiana… Read More...