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Who's hotter? You decide!

This will be my new series... Called 'Tag that girl'.. It's for the girls I see all over our social networks that nobody knows or tagged. I know somebody out there can name them all...

This should be a fun series... Now name this oven hot girl. Who is she?

Oven Hot Oven Hot1 Oven Hot2 Oven Hot3 Oven Hot4

The good stuff...

Jan 29, 2014

Paris and Chink - New…

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We've been finding brand spanking new girls to shoot a lot lately. We credit that to our much improved photography skills. Every day we get about a dozen girls who want to be down with the… Read More...
Sep 27, 2014

Nice Spice

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This is sexy ass model Phyllis George modeling for Kode Red Affiliate. Love her look and her facial expression. She has that, "I know I'm a real model" look doesn't she? Well she is! Read More...
Jun 08, 2014

Introducing Dee

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Almost didn't catch this fine girl's name. I got it from the label of the pictures. She was submitted by Charming Charlton Photos. We think they both did a great job, her with her beauty… Read More...