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Sweets0 Seems like we would have had a GGurl on here named Sweets already but this is actually the very first one. She does look like a nice piece of chocolate.Big thanks to our family over at and photographer Alex J Hudson for the pictures.

Twitter: @iChokeSlamHoes
Instagram: @brifolarin
Photographer: @AlexJHudson

Sweets Sweets1 Sweets2 Sweets3

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The good stuff...

Sep 01, 2014

New Lauren Allure

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Lauren Allure is back in what looks to be a one piece cat suit, but you know I'm not a fashion designer so all I know is she looks good in that outfit. Read More...
Nov 01, 2017

Naked Brandiee Nicholle

DMs were lit today on Instagram. I got these from a Brandi Nichole who said she always wanted to be down with GG. Read More...
Jul 01, 2017


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Seems we've been getting this type on our IG a lot lately. I can't say here because I've been SERIOUSLY slacking posting on here. Introducing the ever fine Jay L by MQM. Read More...