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Sugey Portillo0 Seems J Alex is finding all the new sexy girls. This one goes by the name of Sugey Portillo. She's a perfect fit for these parts. She gives the kicks and chicks theme a super nice look. Don't you agree?

Twitter: @SugeyPortillo
Photographer: @J_AlexPhotos
Agency: @IBMMlife

Sugey Portillo Sugey Portillo1 Sugey Portillo2 Sugey Portillo3 Sugey Portillo4

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The good stuff...

Jan 14, 2015

Jhustine Guevara

in Latest
How in the hell have I never heard of Jhustine Guevara? Pure beauty man, pure beauty! I loved every single one of these pictures. This girl is beautiful, did I say that already? Read More...
Aug 16, 2014

Rose Cavalli

in Video
Duane G hit me up saying this girl Rose Cavelli is hot on Tumblr. All I know is she's hot period. Love this video. Read More...
Jun 16, 2014

Shani Rose Wants In

in Latest
Shani Rose wants to be an Official GGurl. She hit me on Instagram asking so. I think she can be, I mean she is cute as fuck and has a banging curvy body right? I say we let her in. Read More...