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Stephaniesweets  0 Oh yeah baby! Got her again. Stephanie Sweets returns to GGurls and this time she's all wet, or about to get wet, I forgot as I write this.

Instagram: @stephaniesweets_ Photographer: @alcolestudios

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The good stuff...

Mar 06, 2014

Almost Ready! GGurls…

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It's been a long time coming baby! But after many setbacks and then much labor I finally, yes finnaly will have a print magazine! Talk about being excited. The magazine is in the hands of… Read More...
Apr 12, 2016

Pretty Mesha

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I want much more of this on With the launch of our new app: GGurls TV I'm going to make sure much more content is like this. This is Pretty Mesha and I like this type of… Read More...
Oct 12, 2014

Bad Badd Taz

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Her name is Badd Taz but I call her bad because she's naughty as fuck. She takes the sexiest pictures always showing off her ass. Read More...