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Yeah, if you tried to navigate the site within the last few days you had a horrible time. Hope it didn't scare you away. Probably some new people got scared. The site looked a total mess.

In a measure to try to make sure everything was ok, I hit up our hosting company who are partners with Sitelock. I thought the site got hit with a virus but turns out it didn't. Sitelock, however, in an attempt to get our money simply made up some shit to scare us. I joined, and they literally fucked shit up. They moved our nameservers (webmaster talk) to theirs and it fucked the design (template) up. For three days I couldn't figure it out until finally I called the hosting company (twice) and they solved it. Sitelock didn't let the site propagate (more webmaster terminology) and it distorted everything. After a three day panick everything finally went to normal. Thanks Sitelock, for making shit worse than normal. I will be getting my money back Monday.


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