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Who's hotter? You decide!

Soraya0 From seeing her cuteness on IG and then seeing her walk in the door of the studio I thought Soraya was attractive. Nice super sexy frame, nice soft booty, nice eyes, nice metal smile and a pretty face all wrapped in buttery smooth skin, that's her. Soraya wants to be an exclusive GGurl and that's what I want too. I like her.

Instagram: @TheyLoveBaby

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The good stuff...

Jun 17, 2013

Video Full of Naked…

in Video
Pretty sweet ass video. Bunch of naked models posing all sexy and shit. We know who two of them are. Erikca and Drina Drin. You don't care though do you? You probably ain't even reading… Read More...
Jan 19, 2015


in Latest
Here's another cutie the GV image shot for GGurls. Kyta. Real nice girl. Love her size (of course) and she's a great fit for the team. I need her IG. Read More...
Jul 26, 2014

Kim (China Rican)

in Latest
Here's a real cutie for you. Her name is Kim aka China Rican. Very cute girl with very cute features all around. Here you go Read More...