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That shit took all of like 4 minutes too. Had to add code to my style sheet so that the videos would be responsive on the pages on your phone AND also the link now works!

For some strange ass reason the link on the first page in the mobile would not load. Fixed it.. That took all of two seconds too. So go enjoy GGurls on your phone... Sorry it too so long...

Another update: Just when I thought it was all fixed I came across yet another fucking snag.  I got the page to work on the mobile side but then none of the links would work. Only the ones where I embedded Youtube would... Hmmmm? Turns out that AJAX (you coders know what that is) was interfering with my video script. Now it's 100 A1. 

No censors in our video section ;)

The good stuff...

Apr 03, 2015


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Oooh you know I love the way she bends over lol. Besides that she's a pretty and pretty sexy girl. Meilah entertains is what she says on Instagram, I just wonder how lol. Nice pics! Read More...
Nov 20, 2015

Cookie Tha Model

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three hot pics of Cookie Tha Model aka the Pole Princess by Iced Up Photography. You'll like 'em, take a look. Read More...
Apr 27, 2016

Kayla Monet - Video

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Kayla really wants to be my baby and after looking at this video (and talking to her in DMs) I think I better let her. She aims to please and I love it.  Read More...