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Just like everything else in America the Black woman suffers from a double standard place upon her by whites and even her own people. My Instagram was just disabled because of this fact. It's so unfair it's ridiculous. Let me explain.

Black women naturally have more booty meat than white women, and in the black culture black men typically like their women to be more voluptuous.
When a Black woman puts on a thong, her booty meat usually swallows the thong while on the average white woman you can still see the entire thong... So if you post a picture of a black girl on social media it's a good chance Instagram and Facebook will delete it while if you post the exact same type of picture of a white woman it'll stay up.

We black people do it to ourselves too, we call our own sexy women "thots" and "hoes" but will see a white woman and label her as a model, and she's doing the exact same shit as the black girl.
I kind of hate people. not acceptable by American society
Black Girl Booty
very acceptable by American society
White Girl Booty1

disfunction . .

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Mar 19, 2017

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Nov 10, 2013

Chanel Ayana - Naked…

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