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I'm contemplating rather or not I should post all the GGurl shoots and pics from old magazines that you've never seen. Pics like these. (This should actually be in the 'latest pics' section).

The reasons are a few. I've been out the loop and unmotivated lately due to punk ass Instagram disabling my account. I know I keep saying this lol but it's true. Also I haven't been keeping in touch with many photographers although some still send in sets.

But I'm also thinking, rather they're older or not, you still haven't seen them and they're naked pictures of hot girls so I couldn still make money off them some how... I gotta think... But while I do that... Here is a set I shot at my old studio almost four years ago... You probably seen one from this set but not all unless you bought the first issue of GGurls Magazine.

Oli Oli1 Oli2 Oli3 Oli4

The good stuff...