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Who's hotter? You decide!

Shoni G0These pictures are unique. Not just because of the beautiful Shoni G, but also because it's a hot girl in the background and I don't know why. I like it though, it's like it's a story that should go along with the pictures. I wonder what it is.

Instagram: @puertomami08
Photographer: j_alexaphotos @rollmodelsmgmt

Shoni G Shoni G1 Shoni G2 Shoni G3

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The good stuff...

Aug 03, 2015

Miss Rosie Perez

in Latest
She goes by the name of Miss Rosie Perez. Now I don't know if she's suppose to look like her or not but I do know she's good looking in her own rights. This is actually her second feature… Read More...
May 31, 2016

Nayy Seduction Tease…

in Video
I remember I did a Yay or Nay section on Nayy Seduction about 2 years ago. I think she faired pretty well. Looks like she's been busy since then shooting with good photographers like Dex.… Read More...
Aug 26, 2014

Mary Matt

in Latest
This is Mary Matt from Iced Up photographer. She looks like a no nonsense type sensual woman. You like? Of course you do. Look at her. Read More...