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shira monae Her name is Shira Monae, she submitted these pictures and we thought they were pretty good. She's for damn sure attractive.

Shira however didn't send us any information on how to reach her via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. What we do know, is, she's from Los Angeles and she's been modeling for about a year now and has always had a passion to do so.

Shira Monae Shira Monae1 Shira Monae2

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The good stuff...

Jun 06, 2016

Want That Shoutout ?

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Then post here. Only accepting hotties though, NO NUDITY unless you just want it to be seen here (and even still no vagina or booty-hole). Simply go to the comments right after these… Read More...
Aug 06, 2015

Roxy Yay or Nay?

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Her name is Roxy and I personally think she's very attractive however these pictures do her no justice. What do you think? Better pictures and she's in? Read More...
Jan 21, 2015

Rocki Smith

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Talk about a very pretty girl. Rocki Smith really is very pretty and her body is the cherry on top. These bedroom pictures look very tasteful and seductive and not like some cheap motel… Read More...