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Shay Moss has appeared in a number of print advertisements, including promotional print for Milwaukee’s premier nightclubs, and an array of hosting duties for premier nightclubs in Milwaukee and Atlanta. It was through her involvement and exposure to the club scene that Shay Moss envisioned

“The Summer Meltdown of 2012”; a tour of 20 of the Midwest’s hottest clubs across 12 cities. The adventures of Shay Moss will be documented through videography, social networking, and web blog updates. 

Twitter: @MsShayMoss

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The good stuff...

Sep 28, 2017

Instagram Feature: Tia…

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Love my new plugin, I can just paste a url from the top social networks and the box of the post shows up. I know webmasters are like, "that's no big deal". Read More...
Jul 08, 2014

Cutie: Kat Frenale

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Was waiting on these. Kat Frenale sent me these but didn't have them big enough, now that she does, I'm happy to post them. Read More...
Apr 27, 2016

Kayla Monet - Video

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Kayla really wants to be my baby and after looking at this video (and talking to her in DMs) I think I better let her. She aims to please and I love it.  Read More...