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Shani Rose Snake Series0 The "fuck with" is still going strong! Shani Rose newest pictures for 2016 are the shit. Hmmmm? Got a bone to pick with her though... I don't see GGurls in that bio... hmmm..

Instagram: @iamshanirose
Photographer: @mymanbriscoe

Shani Rose Snake Series Shani Rose Snake Series1 Shani Rose Snake Series2 Shani Rose Snake Series3 Shani Rose Snake Series4 Shani Rose Snake Series5

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Sep 28, 2017


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Remember Funtavia? The girl who would do naked videos and show it all? Here are some dope pics I found of her in my Dropbox. Read More...
Apr 17, 2018

Ayisha Diaz Naked

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Never knew Ayisah Diaz got naked before for the internet. Pleasant surprise when I found out. But then again I was more focus on official GGurls than other girls. Read More...