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Who's hotter? You decide!

Shanee0We love titties around here, and when they're attached to a very pretty woman like Shanee we love them even more. I wanna say this is Shanee's third or maybe even fourth feature?

Doesn't matter, every new set of pictures are always very nice to look at. Shanee, next time remove your hands, let us pervs be pervs and enjoy your godly beauty. Damn guh!

Instagram: @shaneezy__
Photographer @himovertherestudios

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The good stuff...

Feb 19, 2014

Choreographed Twerking

in Video
Choreographed twerking is now here! Now please don't hate on this, this is actually done right. No "they don't have no ass" comments please. Everybody doesn't like super big asses. If you… Read More...
Aug 26, 2014

Mary Matt

in Latest
This is Mary Matt from Iced Up photographer. She looks like a no nonsense type sensual woman. You like? Of course you do. Look at her. Read More...
Feb 21, 2014

Aylen Alvarez

in Video
Is this a perfect body? Aylen Alvarez just may possess one of the best bodies we've ever seen. We featured her a long time ago, but somebody just recently told us about this video. Read More...