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Shana Patrice0 Heeeeey! Got new pics of Shana Patrice and they're looking great! She just shot with Inergee Studios and we're happy to present this cutie to you again. Scroll down to get a gander at Shana Patrice!

Twitter: @ShanaPatrice by @InergeeStudios

Shana Patrice Shana Patrice1 Shana Patrice2 Shana Patrice3 Shana Patrice4

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Dec 17, 2016

Tia Teaze - Big Booty

Yay! Got a new update to the cellphone cutie section. I must be serious about updating now. Her is Tia Teaze taking some quick cellphone pics with Marquest. Read More...
Jan 13, 2017

Instagram is Racist

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A different kind of post. If you've been following me for a minute you know I'll use my platform to speak out against any kind of injustice. This one really fits. Read More...