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Well this is your first time on GGurls, so let's get started, tell us a little about yourself and how you got the name Shaina Snaxx? Im from Queens NY, but I was raised in Long Island. I am currently pursing my modeling career as well as working on my brand "High Standards" with my IBMM team which will be launcing soon. I got the name Shaina Snaxx in college from my track coach funny thing & it just ran with me...LoL I guess I look like a snack.

Your photos was shot in NYC with Ice Box Studios/IBMM, so since your shoot how has things changed for you? Since shooting with IBMM thing have been going well from photo shoots, XXL web candy, branding and now GGurls.


You know we got to ask because this is GGurls, what are some of your turn on's and turn off's when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex? When dealing with the opposite sex I love a man with great hygiene, and ambition. He has to stimulate me mentally & physically. My turn off of course bad hygiene, Liars and all round arrogance.

What are somethings that you are looking to accomplish as a model? As a model I am still looking to build and grow...Publishings, hosting's and branding. I have patience that everything will fall into place with hard work.

Are you single? Do you travel a lot? No, Yes I travel but not as much as i'd like too.

What are some of your best features about yourself? My best features i'd say is my smile and my natural booty.

What makes you different from all the other GGurls models? What makes me different from all the other Ggurls models is that I don't just mode to be seen. I do it because i truly enjoy it and i'm working to be on top. I believe my personality, goals, and ambition sets me apart from the rest.
In closing, where can we follow you at and any shoutout's/thank you's? ZYou can find me on IG: ShainaSnaxx & Twitter: ShainaSnaxx My shoutout's go to my IBMM team King & Dee, LongIsland "We Got Now"

Instagram: @ShainaSnaxx
Photographer: @MrIcebox_Studios

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