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Who's hotter? You decide!

Shabria0 When we say we think this woman is bad as fuck, we mean it. We see hot women all the time but Shabria still made us do a double take when we saw these pictures. She and Linkz Photos kicked ass on this set.

Twitter: @Ms_Jai_ by @LinkzPhoto

Shabria Shabria1 Shabria2 Shabria3 Shabria4

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The good stuff...

Sep 16, 2013

Shallon Michelle Coming…

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Shallon Michelle and her good friend Cliff drove from Washington DC to Detroit just to shoot with GGurls. Now that's some serious shit. When I told her she was going to shoot with our good… Read More...
Oct 03, 2017

Get Notified

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If you're watching us on Firefox and/or Chrome (my favorite). Then you'll see that notification thing-a-ma-jig pop up saying subscribe. Read More...
Oct 14, 2015

A few Hiccups

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Ok the site is finished upgrading on the back end. Basically a bunch of technical stuff that you're not suppose to see. You may notice some kinks I need to iron out here and there. Mainly… Read More...