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Sex Story: The Boat Featured

Written by Jaysmine

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jaysmine Story
'The boat'
The wind sings its secrets to the waves, begging them to play.  Influencing the natural state of life.  He wandered the boat, following her scent, her scent that now whistled along in the wind.
She's asleep... but her body will not stop moving... will not stop swaying, yearning, helplessly she seems in those sheets, her every breath taunting him as he watched her. He wondered what her dreams were filled of... he longed to feed her, give her what she needed.
He waited for her body to reach him.
He watched. Keeping his hands from completing, from leading the way, the path to that wonderous aroma that lingered so willingly into his space... that so easily invaded his air passage.
Her dream.. a mixture of blurrs and openess, she herself couldn't shake what it was that her body had already understood... and she awoke conversing in silence, awoke to a hand strollin up her leg.... exploring the curve of her thigh... teasing her means He didn't care who she was because his hands could live on her skin forever, could race through her hair for decades 
She could bare no more teasing no more moisture wasting away. She lifted and placed this gentleman on his back.Her eyes big and pure pierced him thoroughly sent an instant thrill through him.  He felt hypnotized he felt like she could make him do anything say anything.... her finger rose to pursue, indefinetely and it grazed the sole of his neck and behind his ear, her tongue immediately followed and he shook an involuntary shake.
It shocked them both... but it did not ruin her motion. His imagination wildly accepted this sensation. His body grew jealous of the area that was proudly seduced by... this stranger... who's scent played in the winds that sang to the waves... to rock the boat.

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