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Sex Story: Sweat it Out Featured

Written by Kelis

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sweat it out The first story to start of the new GGurls erotic section is from our columnist Kelis. This is a very hot and very steamy story for mature audiences only. So sit back and enjoy.


   The dripping from his bathroom sink and occasional movement was all the background noise. I lay there taking in everything that just happened in the last three hours. I knew I had to get my shit together or the sun would soon be meeting me on my drive home. From the biting lips, ripped off sheets, moans while I devoured his dick, smh it was a turn on just thinking about it.

   This is my kick-boxing teacher Stephon. Late twenties, brown suga', fade, perfect smile, and body cut up in all the right places. He was defiantly my eye candy while at practice. After all the built up sexual frustration, flirting, and many cold showers I finally got him were I wanted him. It was time to perform.

   Taking the head of his dick into my mouth I started slowly kissing it, spit was soon everywhere. Every drip of spit that tried to get away from me I licked it up and down his 8"inch dick. A perfect fit to my mouth, massaging his balls while he grabbed my hair was making my pussy beat harder. I couldn't wait to have him inside of me two hands on the dick as if I was grinding pepper I instructed him to stand up. In between slurpes I managed to softly suck on each of his jewels. This drove him crazy I could feel his knee's buckle. Up and down the shaft in a fast pace motion he started to shake. He moved my head from his dick and began to jack it'. I let the remaining spit in my mouth drip down onto my chest, and moved his hand away and sucked every drop of cum out " spitters are quitters" was a motto I firmly stood by. He flopped down on to the bed. I wasn't done with him, he tasted so good. I crawled up on the bed and sucked the rest out. Him regaining his composure and me wiping my mouth and a breast with a towel. I sat towards the headboard, he spread my legs open. Adoring my wide hips, flat stomach, thick thighs, toned legs, and full breast. I guess he was taking it all in since at our work out sessions he would base his imagination off leggings and sports bra's. My pussy was soaked from just his reaction of my head game. And now the anticipation of his lips to be on these was killing me. After observing his new playing ground he started kissing on my neck down to my breast which was my spot. I took my right hand that was by my head and began playing with myself, she (my pussy) was defiantly in need of some attention. He quickly moved my hand out the way. He grabbed both of my wrist and kept with the teasing. From my breast to soft kisses on my stomach. My eyes were closed and imagination running wild. Before I knew it he stuck his face down there one good time. Kissing and sucking each of my lips. When he came up the distant streetlight showed his white teeth and my sweet juices all over his face. He chuckled at my "deer in headlights" expression, and went back to work. He had me grippin the sheets, hell at times my arm may have been wrapped up in them just to keep me from screaming. He spelled out every letter on my pearl from S-E-X-Y to M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I the only thing I could think was "FUCK ME". I felt my body damn near about to explode. The sounds of him trying to suck me dry had me running from it. He kept pulling me by my hips towards him but I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. He then rolled over and told me to sit on his face. I got on it and started fucking his face he was loving it, my body was shaking. It was like waves of sensation came over my body as my love came down on his tongue. He moved from under me and started putting the condom on. Me counting to ten holding onto the headboard I was still trying to comprehend everything that just went down. I looked behind me and saw his dick was on rock hard ready to feel me. He told me to sit on his face again, only taking one or two licks I eased of his face. My body was still sensitive from that orgasm I just experienced.

   "Ride this shit" he said. I sat on top of his dick and eased down, we both in unison let out a small sigh.. It was crazy how compatible our bodies were. His dick fit my pussy perfectly. I went slow at first, close to making love and he was all into it. I slowly eased my way around it so my ass would be facing him. I bounced up and down on it faster than a stripper at 'Magic City. I could tell it was what he liked from the curled toes and moans that sliped out. The sound of my ass clapping and both of our moans was driving me crazy. I held onto his ankles and motioned my hips around. I wanted him to cum HARD. Within moments my plan worked. His body twitching and me still moving up and down on it slowly I eased up off of it. He took the condom off and I rolled over. Round two was up next on the menu, as he put the condom on I bent over. My arch was "sexy" so he said. He slid one hand from my shoulders to my ass so he could fill the dramatic dip from the arch. He got down on his knees and started eating it from the back, caught me off guard and slipped it in. Instantly I felt it in my stomach, he paused and spread my legs so he could get in it. As he got into his steady rhythm I was speechless. "You got me cummin all over this dick" was the only thing I managed to say. It caught him off guard. He slowed down looking down at all my cum on his dick. I noticed he was in a daze but didn't want him to cum off of that, so I started throwing it back, on a few of them I almost knocked him off his square. He got into his stance and from there on it was a battle. Who could fuck who harder. A hour or so later it ended with us both out of breath on the bed passed out. A true workout ...

   The dripping from his bathroom sink and occasional movement was all the background noise. I lay there taking in everything that just happened in the last three hours.... FIN -xoxo

Kelis Author: Kelis
Twitter: @Kelisxoxo

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