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Sex Story: So Fulfilling Featured

Written by NuNu

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just miss nu Model and GGurl columnist NuNu gives you a treat with this erotic story. Your computer screen may get foggy.

So Fulfilling

I've been stressed for weeks now, he's so far away physically, work has been getting the best of me, school is another story. I miss the scent of him. I miss his smile, the way he says my name, mmmmhhhh.
I told him I was coming to see him and that we would spend time together, just the anticipation of feeling him inside of me had me dripping.
In his presence, I stared at this man who I love as he stood so strongly. His sex appeal, off the chain. I yearned for him. 
We raced to our destination. He turned on the shower and undressed. I needed him now, but I didn't rush. I acted as if I were preparing to watch television as he stepped into the shower. I undressed and joined him.
The water temperature was perfect, it ran down our bodies as he touched all the right places. He washed me, soap suds everywhere. I was hypnotized.
He turned of the water and carried me to the bedroom. I rubbed lotion, he watched. I rubbed myself. I saw it in his eyes how he wanted to attack.
I got onto the bed and he kissed my back. As he passed my waistline and left them full of kisses, he opened my cheeks and kissed in between. He turned me over and started from my feet and worked his way to my thighs, to my vagina, to my breast. He sucked on my hard nipples, I felt a waterfall leave my vagina. He kissed my neck and then his lips touched mine. I wanted all of him.
He kissed my hips. He opened my legs and sucked on my thighs. I was ready. He reached my vagina and french kissed it so passionately. He parted my lips and my clit disappeared. He continued and continued and continued until my juices filled his mouth. I was in heaven. But, now, all I wanted to do was please him.
He got off his knees and I rushed to get on mine. It was so alert and looking right at me. I kissed the tip, the shaft and his balls. I slid my tongue from the base to the head slowly. It tastes so good! I veered up at him and gulped down his penis. Swirling my tongue, spitting on it, no hands, gagging, sucking his balls, smacking it on my pretty lips. He didn't know what to do. He grabbed my hair and pushed me down, and exploded in my mouth.
He placed his hand under my chin and pulled me off my knees up to him. So sexy. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, his penis rubbed my clit.
He laid me down and whispered "I love you." I closed my eyes and felt all of him in me. Slow movements, in and out. He felt so damn good. I was scratching him up. Moaning in his ear. "Daddy, mmm don't stop. Daddy fuck me."  
All diff positions. Everywhere in the room. One nut, two nuts, three nuts, four. Cumming on his rock hard penis was beautiful.
Smacking my round ass, arching my back, he was pulling my hair using it as a steering wheel. He grabbed my neck while in doggy and kissed me. He let go in me. I was complete. "I love you too baby."
So fulfilling.

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