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Sex Story: Playtime Featured

Written by Kittenz

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kitten xxx For you who enjoy erotic sex tales here is GGurl's columnist Kittenz aka TenderoniXXX new tale titled: Playtime, enjoy!


As me and Trey sat at the bar our eyes wondered around the club in search of tonight meal. Every Saturday we would go to ladies night at Promenade and bring a girl home to devour. Our sexually adventures kept the flame goin in the bedroom and I got the chance to touch another girl.Trey though it was for him but secretly I agreed to do it mostly for me. As far as he was concerned I was bi,but I love dick little do he kno I'm bi but leaning more towards lesbian and I love to eat pussy.

My train of thought was suddenly interrupted when I noticed this darkskin pretty chick in a skin tight pink dress walking by.Trey hadn't noticed."Be right back",I say to him as I walk off towards the dance floor.I look back, he watches as I walk off not to see where I was goin but to stare at my ass.

This girl must have already known I was coming her way cause as I darted in her direction she had her eyes fixed on mine the whole time.Once face to face she started dancing to the music turning around so that her back faced me making sure her ass touched me as she moved around.I wanted her and she knew it.I put my hand on her waist and started to dance with her,both of us using damce as the excuse to feel on each other body.By the end of the song I was determined she was ready to go. "You wanna get something to drink"I try to yell over the music.She understands and nods her head in anticipation.

We sat at the bar going shot for shot for about 10minutes before Trey walked up."Can I get u ladies some more shots? He ask as he sits on the other side of her.
"Sure" she says blushing hard. She was wasted and after talking to her I knew she was a freak, and down for anything.30 minutes later she was in my bed.

Sasha who name we finally obtained and I layed side by side as we tenderly kissed and felt on each other nipples as Trey licked and sucked all over both our pussy's.He stopped and stood on his feet and demanded for both of us to get down on our knees.Her on his left me on his right,we knew what to do from then. I grabbed his dick with my riight hand and shoved it into my mouth,making sure the head reached my throat as she took his balls into her mouth one by one showing each one the same care.Then she came up and licked all over one side as I was doin the other.Our mouths fought to take him in.I let her have him I wanted her.I directed her to lay on her back on the bed.He put his dick back in her mouth and my face went between her legs.

She smelled good.I begin to wiggle my tounge around her clit. She taste good.I immediately got super wet.I continue to eat her pussy distracting her from sucking his dick.He looked down on me and smile.I return a smile.
"Its ready for you daddy"I chuckle.Her pussy was dripping and she moaned in anticipation.Trey positioned his self between her legs and rubbed his swollen dick around her pussy as I climbed onto her face.Her tounge went into immediate action leaving me in extasy.I turn to watch Trey, who already has just the tip in teasing her.He looks at me and winks then gives her the full effect and puts the whole thing inside of her.Sasha yells.Trey takes it out and does it again. This time she gives a more satisfying moan while still eating my pussy.Trey fastens his pace.Her moans gets louder.I climb off of her and lay beside her and play with my pussy.Seeing Trey fuck this girl turned me on but I couldn't wait for my turn.
"Fuck me" I say as I bend over in front of him.He slaps my ass But continues to fuck her leaving me to beg.I play with my pussy some more.
"Oh my god...Oh my god" Sasha began to chant. I stop Trey.
"Save that for me"I whisper and he gets behind me and pushes my head down into her pussy.I dnt know which one I wanted more his dick or her pussy.I let both satisfy me but his dick had me on hook.I started throwing it back cummin on his dick at the same time.He bends her over next to me and start to give her what I was just receiving.
Time went by and the only sound you heard through-out the house were our moans.Phones rung but went unanswered. The door bell rung but didn't distract us.

Sasha moans grew louder and I knew she was about to cum so I order Trey to fuck me harder and I put my mouth over her pussy.She began to squirt.I open my mouth to take it all in.

"Get over here".Trey tells us as he takes his dick out of me and began to slowly stroke it in his hand.We both lay on the bed under his dick and wait for him to rain down on us,seconds later he does.We open our mouths and He makes sure to insert his cum into both,sasha and I started to kiss and share that nut.Trey layed back and smiled. Minutes later Sasha was gone.And we were on our way back to the club :)

Kittenxxx Author: Kittenz
Twitter: @tenderonixxx

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