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Sex Story: House Calls Featured

Written by Kittenz

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late night house calls ***LATE NIGHT HOUSE CALLS**

Twisting and turning I can't go to sleep.I reach for Antwone side of the bed then I remember he's not there and hadn't been there for a while.Antwone was in jail for the next 3 years for drug possesion and attent to sale. I was lonely ,yet my body was yearning for a touch I was sexually frustrated and wasn't about to wait 3 years to get some dick. I reach for the phone and began to dial my ex-boyfriend Chris number.He picked up on the first ring.
"Well well well"he chuckles."Wassup baby girl,you aint call me in a while what do I owe this call?" Antwone was being sarcastic I wanted to change my mind but I needed it bad.
"Come over" I say.
" And why- " I cut him off.
"Dnt ask questions,just come over" and I hang up.
I quickly showered,put on my smell good and made sure everything about me would turn him on.
Just as I expected he was knocking on the door no more then an hour later. I opened the door and there he stood. Tall,dark skin,musclar built and sexy as hell I embrace him then once inside the house I closed the door directed him toward the couch.As soon as the door is locked I walk over to him and immediately began to kiss on his neck and slowly kissing him sliding my tounge in and out his mouth as he grabs a hand full of my ass.Chris wanted it just as bad as I did.
I made him stand up and began to loosen his jeans as he slid one finger at a time in and out my pussy.I was wet.I undressed him.He undressed me,then layed me on my back and put my legs up.His tounge soon began to explore my pussy leaving me squirming and moaning in anticipation.I push his head in it more.I came.
Chris began to rub his dick on my pussy teasing me. I grow angry. "Fuck me" I say slapping him across the face.He looked into my eyes then shoved him dick in me.I jump and moan wrapping my arms around his neck.At first he went slow, then the more I liked it the harder he pounded.I coudlnt take it. I came again.
Chris turned me around and inserted his dick back into me.I began to throw it back and that just made him go harded.One hand on my nack the other hand pulling my hair.He was in full control,fuckin the shit outta me."Antwone never fuck me like dis" I thought to myself. Chris continue pounding.
" You like that, you like that" Chris said slapping my ass.I moan in reply."Why you wait so long to give me this pussy?".
"Shut up"I yell out he was ruining it.
He takes it out then puts it back in, this time hitting my spot.I try to hold it but he was fucking me so good,I came again.
"Come over and get this nut" he says.I kneel down infront of him and open my mouth....

House Calls
Kittenxxx Author: Kittenz
Twitter: @tenderonixxx

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