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How have we never heard of Priya Price? She's a porn star so you know she's already naked all over the internet. Even though we don't go the porn route (nothing wrong with it, we just don't do it), we will show you nude pictures and videos. We got these from her timeline on Twitter.

I believe Aletta Ocean is an adult performer, and that's cool. But that means you can see way more than what we're about to present you here. These are some topless cell phone pictures of said beauty that are worth taking a look at too. Now after you see these, you can go Google her and see all the good stuff.

Tried tried TRIED, our best to find something completely nude on Foreign Arianna but couldn't. Judging by the way she post pics there HAS to be some naked stuff floating around the 'net with her showing her titties or ass. Do you know if there are any? If so leave us a link in the comments section.

There are a lot of these type of pretty girls and you'll never get enough of them. So we're posting them left and right for you to follow them and see them naked. This fine specimen is Alva Jay Velasco. She has a private snapchat where she gets naked and shows you everything and she has an onlyfans page.

I have absoluely no idea who Jem Wolfie is. Or should I say, until this writing. Apparently she's a sexpot fitness model thick ass white girl with a nice phat booty. She has several candid nude selfies I ran across and thought I should share them with you all. She's very much in shape and that booty looks like pure gold.

Something is very sexy about this girl. Her name on the internet is Stay Jealous, no real name given. She has an unsual shape yet it's very sexy. She has a distinct look about herself overall and it works. It really works well in video too, so we've included one. Take a look and see if you agree.

Going to stretch this and call this a cell phone cutie (selfie) article. Although she's not taking pictures of herself (unless she's using a timer), these are still pics from an iPhone. So it fits. Now SF Foxx is not really showing a lot of skin but she's so fine, she just had to be promoted anyway.

When a woman is this fine you keep updating on her. When a woman is this fine with a chest like Paris Lee you will never ever get enough of her. I know it has to be some straight up shots of her somewhere with those nipples out. In fact there is! You have to join her onlyfans page to see all that. It's worth it, if you're a huge titty lover like us.

BBB Love is very sexy with nice big titties. You know we love titties around here. So a woman like BBB Love will get a lot of love. When we found out that she loves to take topless pictures all the time and tease you with them, it was a match made in heaven. Now get this. You might know her as Bunny Barreras already

Whoa.. This is pretty girl day... See that other post where we said that girl was the prettiest girl ever..? Well Kiara Nichole is fighting her for that title. Look at her. She's pretty as fuck. Weird thing, we just KNEW she was already posted up but apparently she wasn't. Well we had to remedy that and post her.

This is saying a lot coming from us. We see girl after girl after girl and today we saw the prettiest girl alive. Well this is coming Lewis, the owner of the site. Basically Caitlyn Anganile is his type and so we were made to post this lol. You can't deny that this girl is super pretty and extremely sexy.

Fit models will never go out of style. Like we've said before, the big booty craze is just a phase and the girls with the fake fat asses will (have) go out of style if there is such of thing. You know what's here and always has been here? Girls in natural fit shape. Take a look at Stephanie Fit Marie.

Saw her on a forum board but they didn't know who she was either. So let's see if our fellow pervs can figure out who this is? You know her? Leave a comment and let the world know. I KNOW somebody who follows this blog probably has subscribed to her webcam feed somewhere.

As of this writing Toochi Kash (Italia Kas) has over 1.9 million Instagram followers. She's definitely a hot commodity. But did you know she will bare all and show you everything? Maybe that's why her fine ass has so many followers. We had to do this follow up to her article already on here: Italia Kash: Instagram Model.

Been seeing this girl around the internet for a minute now and never knew who she was. Then I started seeing her naked and knew she had to be put on here. Her name is Serenity Snow. She has the body of a goddess and she's tatted up. Some of y'all will really like this chick.

I honestly think this is one of the sexiest girls I've ever posted. When I posted her professional pictures a while ago I couldn't believe how fine she was. If you are a regular viewer on here this is the type of girl that you love to see. She's the model type pretty prissy girl with the perfect like body. Don't care if the titties or booty is manufactured, the shit looks good.

Thirst trap alert. If you view these pictures of Amber Alexxa you will be hooked. She shows you just enough to satisfy you yet not really show anything she will regret later. At least I think so lol. I had to get a quick video of her I put together too while showcasing her half naked selfies. You'll like both perv.

Her whole timeline on Instagram is selfies and you won't be mad about it. In fact, Katrina Grace iphone takes some pretty damn good pictures, so you know there are no alterations. All natural. Looks like she has a great tight ass and she wants you to see it. Her angles are perfect  as it shows off her booty in a very positive view.

Actually, I'm a little pissed at this one, and thought hard about posting it. Not mad at Advore at all, just mad that I couldn't find completely naked pictures of her pretty titties... She has an OnlyFans page if you wish to check it out and see if you can see them. But for now just enjoy these pictures.

Love those freaky girls who don't even take professional pics. All they take is selfies and those be just as good if not better. Tyler Camille knows exactly what I mean as you can see. She props up her iPhone and points her booty towards the camera and then she snaps away. She gets her angles right too, showing off her ass in perfect view every time.

My people @baddie_room does it again. They found a nice rare shot of All Currency showing off her lucious chest (and more). I don't know how he gets them but he does. Been fucking with Currency for years now and never seen anything like this. I'm jealous lol. Make sure you follow both for some hot pics on Instagram.

Made for a selfie article Genesis Lopez has millions of followers on her social networks and rightfully so. Every picture she takes gets over one hundred thousand likes easily. She's playful and shows off her near perfect (no one is perfect) body (especially her booty) in every picture. In fact there's not one bad picture she's ever taken.

If you follow us on Instagram, I encrypted that we had pictures of Dannie Ace topless. She's a cute shy girl who rocks all natural hair and it looks outstanding. She's a little shy but said she's trying to break out of her mold. She wants to get more exposure, so she sent these over showing of her pretty titties and nipples.

Looks like Instagram got Irene the Dream too, in their ongoing onslaught of deleting sexy black Instagram accounts. It's been going on strong too, I know about 25 accounts personally gone, but not the white ones. That's cool, that's why I'm building this site up to the max.

Talk about showing your ass. Ms Everything Pretty Parker (that's the name she goes by) just loves and I mean absolutely loves to show of her naked ass whenver she can. If you follow her on her social networks, Twitter and Instagram basically, you'll be treated to pictures that will come and go in the blink of an eye.

vo·lup·tu·ous (vəˈləp(t)SH(o͞o)əs): (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive. synonyms: curvaceous, shapely, ample, buxom, full-figured. This is the definition Google gives and it fits Dominique Chinn perfectly. Dominique was hit by the IG hate train recently and her page of 2 million followers has be disabled.

Ever see a slim goodie with a big booty? You have now. This is Aaliyah or "Jus Aaliyah" as she likes to call herself. Her social network pages are naughty as fuck as she loves to take naked pictures of her nice ass. She has lots of little videos of her shaking it too. She gathered all the naked butt pictures we could of her so we could present them to you.

Big booties are nice and like we always say it's the shape of the booty and not really the size that counts. They're are different types of booties too. Teddy Moutinho has what we call a sexy booty. It's something we can't explain but it's a different type of sexy booty. It looks like it's very soft and probably does a wave (if you know what we mean) very nicely.

Tropic showoff has the right name. She loves to show off that body in such a naughty little way. She often deletes her post on Instagram so you have to catch them when you can. Lucky for you we caught a lot of stuff. These pictures and even this video we slammed together for your enjoyment.

You know how we love girls with nice titties on here. So then you know that a model like Paris Lee who love to take selfies with her chest highlighted is going to be posted. She has perfect smooth brown skin and great looking eyes to boot. If you're reading this Paris then grace us with some completely topless pics and we'll go hard for you on Instagram

The clean up around here is so massive that even old pictures of the pretty girls are gone. If the pics were up to par for the new format then they are outta here. Unfortunately, Sade Mings old pics were apart of that batch, but these new ones are good to go. Whenever we scroll the site and we see old articles with a bunch of writing or terrible photography we remove them.

Love pure selfie threads, I used to call these "Cell Phone Cuties" which is basically the same thing and the theme we still stick with. They don't have to be selfies, just taken with a camera. Her name is Nilla B. She really believes in assets versus liabilities. Don't ask. We have no idea why.

Remember back in the day black women had real butts? Remember those girls who would wear tight jeans and dresses and other girls would talk shit about them? Well those days are over because every girl has bought a butt now. However there are always exceptions to a rule.

Amanda Elise Lee hates the term "booty model" and we do too. Just because a beautiful woman works out and obtains such a nice physique including a nice butt does not give anyone the right to put such a negative connotation on her. She's a model, and a fitness freak is all.

Very fine. Body is great and face is great too. This is Itaila Toochi Kash. She's posed for various big named companies like Maxim and she seems to be a travel expert. If you don't like somebody as fine as Toochi then you need to get lost. That's all we post alround here.

Posted some of these on our old Instagram account but never knew nothing was posted here. The good thing about our old account being banned was it made me get back on the ball here and everything is going so well. Armani Stone looks like she was born to be a selfie queen. Her body is all that and she's well rounded in the looks department.

Alright, here we go again. Periodically we do this. We need help in identifying these 6 girls. The killer part is I bet we already know a couple of them but just don't recognize who they are in these particular pictures. Help us out already.

She is turning heads all over the internet. She's really making a big splash lately. Ms. Fernandez is looking good and is now starting to get a little naughty. You know we got people everywhere that send us this stuff, and if you want more you should join her Only Fans page. Link down below. We just did another article yesterday about Ms Fernandes.

Getting these stickers started son. Got girls posing and taking pictures in them left and right. One of our favorites is Shani Rose. She is a very cute girl with a very nice chest, so it was only right. Once we get enough girls I'll dedicate an entire section for this.

Yay or nay? That booty is big as fuck and Lex aka Persian Baddie is proud of that mothafucka. She doesn't give two fucks (or one for that matter) about what you think. She shows it off whenever she can. Even got a naked picture in there too. Although she might not care, for conversations sake, what do you think of it...?

When Jaclyn B had literally less than 100 followers on Instagram, I was already following. Found out she stayed in Detroit when we talked through direct messages. I then started promoting her and several other big accounts did too. She now has 183 thousand followers less than 7 months later.

It don't get too much better than this one. This is exactly why we exist, to showcase pics like these of Brianna Amor show off an unrealistic superb body. Those nipple shots really seal the deal though. Brianna Amor is a favorite around here.

She doesn't touch up any of her pictures. Sara Gold uses no Photoshop or any Iphone or Android app to enhance her looks. You are seeing exactly what your eyeballs tell you. (Actually you're seeing her upside down and your brain is turning her back right side up, but that's a story for us geeks. Don't believe we see upside down? Google it).

Had a professional feature of Lissa Aires a few years back. Don't feel like linking it lol but here's some new pictures, some cell phone pics of this voluptuous creature. You won't believe how curvy she is or how her booty shakes like that. (included a quick IG video)

Internet hot girl "Cocaine" Lorraine SD has been popular for a very long time. I think it might be that booty but then again it could be the cute face with freckles AND the booty (gotta be the booty). Whatever the reason, we just know she has to be on here so we can get some of that juice too.

The campaign has started. We've started sending out FREE GGurl stickers to get more publicity by girls posting selfies on their social networks with them. Told you I was thining much smarter these days. This is the ever super duper cute Bella Nykole posing in them.

Just did a Chinese Kitty nude professional post by Photo J Photography, so we figured why not do a selfie compilation with her. Oh if you're looking for the other set of nakies (yeah, nakies) It's under her real name which is Taylor Hing, wait.. fuck it.. Here it is: right here.

Posted Stormi Maya many times in the past. Always wanted to see her topless but never really searched for it. Other than her professional Playboy pics she doesn't have many topless pics out there, and when she does show them she censor them.

Such a pretty doll. Aliayah Lee takes the most glamorous cell phone selfies imaginable. You won't believe she's real even afer looking at the pictures. These are not touched up or altered in any way. We only wish we had more. But check this out

You gotta take credit for shit you did even when other people don't give it to you. We helped Ashlee Kash get a ton of followers on Instagram when she wasn't that known.. Not mad at her or anything but sometimes you have to toot your own horn.

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