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Here's the scoop. GGurls is big. Too big for me (Lewis) to handle, so I went out and got some girls to help me out. The girls I and Ms White manage to be exact. The exclusive team. What did I come up with?

Well you know how you GG is a bunch of sexy girls? You know how soroities get girls? They rush right? Yep. The exclusive GGurls @ItsWildB @Brittnixtaylor @alexisabella @themswhite (manager) @gabrielleariona and @reneesweet (Instagram) all get to pick five girls as a team. For one month the recruits will rush to try to be exclusive GGurls. You want a shot? You can either hit us up on IG (my name is @ggurls and oh, I have a team too), or comment here. Most of us have a team but some of us still need people, like me.


s who suffer from this heartiness problem.

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