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Who's hotter? You decide!

Rose Tear0 This is the first ever girl I've had on here simply named Rose and nothing else. This is from the latest issues of GGurls magazine by ModelModele.

I have so much content from these 3 issues it's crazy.

Photographer: @tayprice

Rose Tear Rose Tear1 Rose Tear2 Rose Tear3

The good stuff...

Oct 09, 2014

Updates Now!

in Latest
Shooting, editing, working, life, the usual, the usual... Haven't updated in about 2 weeks because of all that (and more). But it's 4 in the morning and being the trooper I am, I'm going to… Read More...
Dec 21, 2014

New Khloe The Komeup…

in Video
She never disappoints. Ever. This is the latest Khloe the Komeup video from Crowley Walnuts. Yes it's just as hot as you think it'll be. Read More...
Mar 23, 2016

Monique Lafamilia

in Latest
Very nice looking girl here, same name as me too. Hope she's not related! Welcome Monique Lafamilia to Read More...