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Who's hotter? You decide!

I'm always on Instagram as anybody who follows me on there knows. So I decided to take some IG videos and put them to together and make a collage of sexiness to monetize on Youtube right?

WRONG! Fucking Youtube, I swear they make every fucking thing difficult. They just recently changed their policies where you can't put ads on anything that's considered too sexy. So it's all pretty much pointless. They're even doing this to rap videos. Youtube has to be the hardest social networking site to get started. I still have a good idea for 'em though. Take a look at this video I put together.


The good stuff...

May 24, 2018

Leezah Vs Priscilla

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Ooh you got two pretty ones going toe to toe on this one. Two thinner and shapely ones. Very much model material. I wouldn't know who to pick but the decision isn't mine. It's yours. Who… Read More...
May 10, 2018

Naked Splits on the Beach

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Got damn! You see sexy girls and pictures all the time on here right...? Every now and again you get something like this that just comes together so well it's fucking crazy. Courage of 2020… Read More...
Apr 03, 2015

New Tiasha Lorrin

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Third time in like 3 weeks! Tiasha Lorrin does it again shooting with D Brown and his "Derotica" series. Perfect fit if you ask me. She is sexy and erotic after all. Read More...